Commission Heres How It Works

Here's  a quick summary of how to commission a portrait from your photos, From Joy French. 

+ Get in Touch , by phone or email if you need a quote, or have any questions. If you decide to go ahead and commission a portrait, we can have a chat about exactly what you’d like your portrait to appear like in terms of size, pose, background.  Have a peek at my galleries and let me know if any of the portraits there are in a style you particularly prefer.

+ Collect your Favourite photos – that are suitable for me to work from, The better and clearer the photo reference I have, The better the Painting. 

+Sometimes it can be a struggle to find that one good photo of your child, lover , relative or pet,  taking some new ones specifically for the portrait will only ensure you get the painting you are after. When you are ready, send  them either by email or phone and once I’ve contacted you to confirm I can start working on your portrait. 




Canvas 50.8x152.4cm
Canvas 50.8x60.9cm
Canvas 50.8x76.2cm
Canvas 60.9x121.8cm
Canvas 60.9x152.4cm
Canvas 60.9x182.9cm
Canvas 60.9x60.9cm
Canvas 60.9x76.2cm 
Canvas 60.9x91.4cm
Canvas 76.2x101.6cm
Canvas 76.2x76.2cm
Canvas 91.4x121.8cm
Canvas 91.4x182.9cm
Canvas 91.4x91.4cm