A list of some of Joy Frenchs' Previous Exhibits 


Brick Lane Gallery ,June the 17th 2015, (LONDON) Joy French Participated in a group Exhibit showcasing a selection of 5 of her Works. The Brick Lane Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery Which exhibits an eclectic variety of contemporary art by British as well as international artists from all corners of the world. "Portraits" was a successful showcase. French sold all of her works in 2015


SOLO Art Exhibit, the 24th 2014-June 24th 2014 In this solo Exhibit “face up to that feeling” So much of what we communicate is non-verbal. The face is the first thing we notice in real life, and the focal point during any conversation. We connect to a person’s gaze, paying attention to how their eyes widen, squint, focus inward or dart. We also watch their mouth, noting lip presses, teeth flashes, frowns, smiles and pursed lips. Eyebrow lifts , the forehead crinkling and relaxing…each facial micro movement is a message, a clue to what the person is thinking and feeling. This Exhibit was very successful.


Urban Canvas : Group Exhibit. On the 23rd of March JOY FRENCH participated in a unique Urban Canvas creative showcase. The showcase was held at the amazing spaces of Rabbit and Cocoon ( mostly known for the Marketta events ) this evening featured some amazing talent including performance artists, fashion designers, musicians, photographers, painters, illustrators, installation artists and more …


Die Empty Art Exhibit: June 27th -July 23rd Group Exhibit 2013


Brush and the Lens In 2012 Wiseman Photography and French Art transformed Photography and Art into a collection of paintings to form. “The Brush & Lens" which was exhibited in Australia in 2012 & 2013.


Flowers for the Risen – D bar Gallery 2012-2013

Sanctuary Cove : Maxy Cooper Gallery , August 16th 2012 

Shallow: JOY FRENCH Solo Exhibit August the 7th 2012.

CONRAD JUPITERS CASINO "LIVE ART INSTILLATION". This instillation was a fund raiser in aid of Hi Five for kids . Joy French raised more then expected thanks to sea fm and Conrad Jupiters. July 9th 2012


SEVEN ROADS ART GALLERY November 2011-January 2012. A solo Exhibit of some of French’s finest works. 


KMS Kevin Murphy . Branding launch. August 16th 2011. Asked to participate in New branding launch for KMS California in Australia .

JAMVAS , Art with Bobby Alu and Oka. April 19th 2011

Manifesto June 15th june 2011

That festival , Group Art exhibit 2010.

Forcefed : Bracardi ignition . October 29th 2010

Ruby Tramp :Force Fed . April 23rd 2010

No Waves : March 26th  2010